Station Twelve
Homer, Alaska

~ Food is the foundation of every celebration ~

Private Chef, Catering, or Community Meal ~ Station Twelve has the high end kitchen to accommodate your culinary vision. 

Open Event Space


Grewingk Glacier to Mount IIiamna

Ranger Stations are strategically located for the optimal expansive views. This former Ranger Station is no exception. ~ A view of Kachemak Bay from Grewingk Glacier, Seldovia & across Cook Inlet with views of Mt Douglas, Mt Augustine and beyond... 


It hard to get the right picture of the sunset.  Just when you think you have the perfect shot ~ a new color appears.  We would suggest a video..... but in Alaska this goes on for hours! 

Mount Augustine

Station Twelve has the most spectacular Sunset Light, Be sure to catch the light show sometime between 3pm & 2am .... 


Master Herbalist Workshop

Disciplinary Masters, Teachers and Facilitators find Station Twelve the perfect space for focused intentional learning.


The natural acoustics in Station Twelve are remarkable ~ From recording venue to community drumming circle ~ The music that flows through Station Twelve seems to take on an element of Magic. 


Station Twelve is the perfect location for interactive workshops.  

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Station Twelve

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